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Benefits of CAIR
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Benefits of CAIR
For Health Care Providers
For providers that give vaccines, participation in CAIR can increase the quality of care provided to your patients as well as improve the workflow of your office. Benefits for providers include:
  • Immediate access to a patient's updated immunization record.
  • Automated forecasting of needed immunizations at each visit based on current ACIP/AAP recommendations.
  • Tracking of adverse events and contraindications for each patient to prevent complications.
  • Creation of reminder and recall lists and/or postcards.
  • Automated vaccine inventory management.
  • Ability to create and print updated Yellow Cards.
  • Reduced paperwork and time needed to search for charts and to calculate immunizations needed at each visit.
  • Decreased vaccine wastage due to over-immunization.
  • Ability to identify patients affected by a vaccine recall.
For School and Daycare Facilities
Schools and daycare programs require up-to-date immunizations for enrollment. CAIR makes it easy for staff at these locations to:
  • Check the immunization status of children seeking to enroll.
  • Inform parents as to which immunizations are needed, thus reducing the likelihood that a child is delayed or declined from enrolling.
For WIC, Foster Care, and CalWORKs programs
WIC and Foster Care programs review the immunization records of children in their programs and provide education and referral to parents/guardians for those children who are not up-to-date. The CalWORKs program requires children be up-to-date for parents/guardians to be eligible to participate in their program. CAIR makes it easy for staff at these locations to:
  • Check the immunization status of children in their program.
  • Let parents/guardians know which vaccines are needed so their children can be up-to-date and meet any immunization requirements for these programs.
For Health Plans
Health plans monitor the immunization services of their participating doctors, provide education and support to improve doctors' immunization services, and provide reimbursement to doctors for the immunizations they give to patients. CAIR helps health plans by:
  • Facilitating billing and reimbursement to providers for the immunizations they give.
  • Calculating immunization coverage rates for patients enrolled in their health plan.
For State and County Health Departments
Local and State health departments are responsible for assessing the immunization status of communities, providing immunization services, and providing support to local doctors and clinics who give immunizations. CAIR helps public health departments:
  • Identify local communities in need of immunization services
  • Provide education and services to these communities
  • Provide vaccine and support to local doctors and clinics
  • Introduce new vaccines or changes in the recommended vaccine schedule to ensure that providers follow the most current recommendations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of immunization services and education programs
  • Monitor the delivery of immunizations in the community and determine coverage levels